“How you doing? I like your basket.”

“Thanks I have two. One at each end.”

“so I see. They’re very good if a bit specialised.”

“What do you mean, specialised?”

“Well what do use them for. You couldn’t carry peas in them for a start.”

“Could. If you put them in a bag.”

“Who puts peas in a bag.”


“I suppose so. You don’t have any brakes or pedals either.”

“No. I don’t “

“Nor tyres,”

“I’m not that kind of bike.”

“Really? What kind of bike are you?”

“I’m more your hanging around, chatting, passing the time of day kinda bike. Not for me all that rushing about, hills and potholes. Buses,traffic or dog chasing. If it’s a gentler or even genteel life you want, I’m your man.”

“You’re a man bike then.”

“It’s more a figure of speech. My stand is a bit of a clue, mostly symbolic, I got it when they cut my pedals off .”

“Ah, that explains a lot.”

“Does it?”

“No I suppose not. I was just being polite.”

“Polite. I’m a big fan of polite. I can chat to the polite ones all day long. I’ve even painted my self a polite colour.”

“So you have.Its been nice chatting with you. I really must be off and get these peas home safely.

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