A tough decision

“What’s that you’ve got there?”

“It’s a project I’ve been meaning to get to for a while.”

“Really? You’ve a way to go.”

“Not really, I’d forgotten about it until I came out to cut the grass.”

“You’ve a lot of grass”

“Not as much as I used to have. Do you have any rabbits? “

“No. “

“Pity. Would you like to buy the car?”

“Buy it? You think so?”

“A bit of work, tyres, maybe a new battery. Got yourself a classic. Bargain!”

“Can I think about it?”

“Course, but don’t take long, I’m sure there’ll be a queue.”

“Thanks. I’ll let you know. I hope he isn’t one that is prone to holding his breath. It’s a nice colour though."

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