“How are you ?”

“I`m grand.”

“Pretty quiet today.”

“Not especially, it`s quiet most days.”

“Really? I thought you would be a hot spot for campanologists.”

“No. I don`t think I am.”

"Really? You look like a campanologists dream.”

“It`s nice of you to say so.”

“Those bellringers would be delighted to find you.”

“Bellringers? Is that what they are then?”


“Camplogists. Is that what they do then?”

“You mean campanologists.”

“Probably. Is that what they do. Ring bells?”

“Yes, campanology is the study & ringing of bells.”

“Those fellas! Why didn`t you say.”

“I thought I did. So you do get them round here a lot.”

“No. Never seen hide nor hair. I`d like to meet one though. Are you a bell studier yourself?”

“No I`m not. Sorry.”

“Maybe you could take it up and come back another day.”

“I could, I`ll see how I get on.”

“I look forward to it.”

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